New Site ALL Welcome

New Accessible Fairyland Site

Our site,, has been completely renewed with an attractive design, greater visitor interactivity and the use of the latest in technology. It offers a simplified navigation, and a more interactive visitor experience.

The new site now offers "Section A" and "Section 508" accessibility compliance and is accessibility validated via “WAVE”, as well as "VisCheck" compliance and “ColorOracle” examined for visitors with colour vision deficiency; the site is also semantically correct allowing it to be "IBM Screen Reader friendly" for our visually impaired visitors.

As can be seen we have aimed at making this site as accessible to all as possible by complying to the "DDA guidelines" and we are very proud of this fact.

The new site is also completed by its Web 2.0 compliance and its modern cross browser friendliness and has been tested in the following browsers:

  • - Internet Explorer 6 for PC
  • - Internet Explorer 7 for PC
  • - Internet Explorer 8 for PC
  • - Mozilla Firefox for PC and Mac
  • - Opera for PC and Mac
  • - Netscape Navigator for PC and Mac
  • - Flock for PC
  • - Chrome for PC
  • - Safari 2 for PC and Apple

We hope you enjoy browsing our new site as much as we enjoyed developing it.