Meet the Characters


Willow is a beautiful, strong tree that stands proudly in the Magic Forest, making sure that everyone there is safe and happy. Willow is the Guardian of the Magic Forest and he takes his job very seriously! Willow is very old and wise so he is the one the others turn to when they need help or advice. The thing Willow enjoys most is watching everyone in the Magic Forest - animals, children, fairies, pixies, elves - having a good time!


Erlina weaves magic wherever she goes. She flies around the Magic Forest, helping all the flowers and animals there. Erlina loves fun and laughter, and sometimes she likes playing tricks! Erlina has got a magic garden and you can see all kinds of wonderful things there - fairy armadillos, fairy fish and of course, fairy flowers! With one wave of her magic wand, Erlina can bring magic into anyone’s world! Her favourite day is Fairy Day, of course. Her favourite colour is pink and the thing she enjoys most of all is being with happy children!


Alvin is a friendly, funny leprechaun from Ireland. He lives in the Magic Forest because he likes meeting all the magical creatures there. He makes shoes for all the fairies in the forest, so he is usually very busy! Alvin is very active, and when he’s not getting into trouble (he’s a bit accident-prone!) you can see him jogging or fishing or planting trees. He really enjoys helping people so all the creatures in the forest love him very much. Alvin has got a Magic Mirror so he’s very lucky. He goes to all kinds of exciting places and always takes his best friends - Emma, Mona, Harry, Lee and Erlina - along with him!


Frosty is a funny little snowman, brought to life by magic. Woody, his best friend, takes him to the Magic Forest. Frosty lives in a tree house and sleeps in a fridge - cool! Frosty loves ice cream but he doesn’t like tea - it’s far too hot for a little snowman! He loves playing in the Magic Forest and he loves singing. Frosty has got a lot of carrots at home, just in case he wants to change his nose!


Woody is a clever little wooden puppet, brought to life by magic. Woody arrives at the Magic Forest with his best friend, Frosty. Woody lives in a tree house in the Magic Forest. He loves playing, whether it’s with the animals or with toys. Woody loves music and he can play the recorder really well. Woody’s favourite food is anything sweet - choclate, cake, ice-cream - he’s lucky because his teeth can’t fall out! Woody thinks everything about the Magic Forest is - well - magic!


Harry loves laughing and having a good time with his friends, and he’s always cracking jokes! He enjoys going to the Magic Forest with the others because they always have a lot of fun there. Harry’s favourite colour is green - perhaps that’s why he likes the Magic Forest so much! He’s mad about cars - toy cars, real cars, race cars. One day he would like to drive a race car - but perhaps when he’s a bit older!


Mona and Emma are best friends and they love doing things together. Mona’s got a dog called Missy (who’s rather naughty at times!) that she likes to take for long walks, especially to the Magic Forest. Mona can do a lot of things: she plays the piano really well and she goes riding a lot. She can sing, too and she would like to be a famous singer one day! Mona’s very fashionable - she loves wearing hats and she always looks really trendy. She collects CDs because she loves music. Her favourite singer is XL!


Emma loves beautiful things, and that’s why she likes spending time in the Magic Forest. Her best friend is Mona, but she’s got a lot of other friends too - Harry and Lee at school and Alvin , Erlina and Willow in the Magic Forest. Emma loves flowers, especially the flowers in the Magic Forest. Her favourite colour is yellow. In her free time, Emma likes listening to music and playing computer games. One of Emma’s favourite things is shopping. She likes to keep up with all the latest fashions, that’s why she’s so trendy!


Lee comes from a very musical family - his brother is a singer and his mother plays the violin in an orchestra. Lee plays the guitar really well and he’s a good football player, too! His favourite colour is blue because that’s the colour of his favourite football team. Lee feels very lucky because he met Harry, Mona and Emma and they took him to the Magic Forest to meet all the wonderful characters there. Lee loves animals and he would like to be a vet when he grows up.


Popsie is a pixie who lives in the Magic Forest. She can do magic and she can fly, of course! Sometimes the tricks she plays on Pog and Trog are not very nice, and she likes getting them into trouble. Popsie loves sweet things, especially sweets and chocolate!


Trog lives with his twin, Pog in a mushroom in the Magic Forest. Pog is not as clever as Trog, but he’s very sweet and kind. Trog likes housework and looking after their little mushroom house. Trog likes helping other people, especially his brother, Pog - even if it means getting into trouble!


Pog and his twin, Trog, live in a mushroom in the Magic Forest. Pog is very clever and has a lot of ideas - some of them good, some of them bad! Sometimes Pog’ s ideas get him and his brother into trouble. Pog loves the Magic Forest and he’s very fond of all the animals and the flowers there.