Turning your board into an interactive whiteboard

Computer based teaching tools have been making inroads into the classroom slowly but surely over the last few years. One exciting example of this technology is the IWB-a tool which takes a normal whiteboard to another dimension by transforming it into an interactive computer screen. Originally this was another classic example of the possibilities of technology outpacing practical applications. Thankfully, software providers are now catching up and Express Publishing is well out in front of the pack with the Fairyland Interactive WhiteBoard range.

An Interactive WhiteBoard is a type of touch sensitive whiteboard, which has the power to transform any classroom into a dynamic learning environment.

It allows teachers and students to participate interactively in activities projected onto the board from a data projector which is connected to a computer.

Therefore, many schools worldwide use this innovating teaching method, as teachers have recognised its amazing educational impact on students’ learning capacity. IWB can really accommodate different learning styles and helps increase students’ attention span while also eliminating the need for additional equipment like a DVD player, CD player etc.

Express Publishing has taken all of the above benefits and needs into serious consideration, and has supported its three major courses with a pioneering educational tool, the Interactive WhiteBoard software. This software accompanies Fairyland 1-4, Access 1-4 and Upstream Level A1+ to B1+ and really transforms English lessons into a unique educational experience.

Upstream Interactive WhiteBoard software is designed as a teaching aid to be used in conjunction with the coursebooks, and for this reason the content is identical. The teacher presents the lesson on the whiteboard, the software follows each part of the book step by step, and students have the chance to participate in interactive exercises, do the listening parts, watch documentaries, play games, learn grammar and finally attend a lesson that grabs even the most indifferent students’ attention and makes them eager to participate in the classroom.

The user friendly toolbar, which is the same in an Express Publishing Interactive Software is not only easy to master but can also help teachers create new exercises.

The main menu list of the software is very well organized, with the modules, songsheets, self-assessments, videos and games separated into different sections for quick reference.

On the whole, when choosing to transform any classroom by using the Interactive WhiteBoard, one should bear in mind that classroom time is used to its fullest and success is just a click away.