A Values-based education with the HappyToons!

A Values-based education with the HappyToons!

Happy Toons, our new course for Pre-Primary and Primary learners, brings forward a holistic approach to learning: technology integration, STEAM activities as well as a focus on values ensure that kids not only learn English but get language exposure through content that fosters interpersonal skills, resilience and a can-do attitude towards challenges. 

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What is Values-Based Education? 

Values-based education is a teaching framework in which values are taught both in the classroom through role-plays and textbooks as well as outside through live examples. 

Values-Based Education provides a successful environment for not only teaching but also learning the full range of academic, social and interpersonal skills. 

Teaching values benefits the school in various ways: 

  1. The school environment becomes more settled, which enables teachers to raise the bar for student performance;
  2. Students show increased attentiveness and a greater capacity to work independently;
  3. Students assume more responsibility;
  4. Students become more tolerant and cooperative in their interactions.

Values-based education gives kids the chance to learn a full range of academic, social and interpersonal skills. When we adopt a values-based approach to education, pupils have the chance to achieve greater success in their lives: they become responsible and resilient individuals who can live with others successfully, take calculated risks, and accept challenges. 

How did we incorporate values into HappyToons? 

HappyToons takes kids by the hand and introduces them to English through 30 scaffolded units.

Technology integration, STEAM activities, as well as its values-focus ensure that kids not only learn English but get language exposure through content that fosters interpersonal skills and resilience. 

Language activation is at the forefront of the book’s approach and follows the example of all our series; practise, learn,consolidateand repeat. 

Other elements that make HappyToons a course that stands apart: 

  1. Pedagogical Approach: the course follows an updated and effective approach, incorporating the latest teaching methodologies, strategies, and techniques to cater to the needs of ESL & EFL learners (STEAM & CLIL);
  2. Visual and Interactive Elements: Appealing visuals enhance students' engagement;
  3. Cultural Sensitivity, Values and Diversity:  content is culturally sensitive and diverse, promoting inclusivity and fostering a positive learning environment;
  4. Guided review and self-evaluation sections empower students to assume responsibility for their learning journey. These sections provide students with the opportunity to assess their comfort level with specific language structures and skills, enabling them to pinpoint tasks that aid in reinforcing the target language. This approach not only fosters the development of metacognitive skills but also facilitates a deeper understanding of their individual learning profiles
  5. Technological Integration: we employ diverse digital tools that bring forward more meaningful learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom. 

HappyToons in the DigiVerse: Learning better with the DigiIWB

Our in-class and online digital learning services help learners develop well-rounded linguistic skills.

The DigiIWB is our interactive software for both classroom and online adventures. Our interactive whiteboard is a versatile tool that amplifies the teaching experience, fostering dynamic engagement and collaboration. The software's smart navigation features allow flexibility and ease of use, gamification allows for in-class interaction and flexible feedback features make in-class error correction a constructive, collaborative experience.

Additionally, Ludenso Explore brings HappyToons' content to life! Simply download the application, scan the book's pages and see 3D objects jump off the page! Augmented Reality offers students a dynamic and interactive learning experience through a multi-sensory approach. 


Would you like to learn more? Book an appointment with our educational consultants! Simply contact us at 210 21 20 800 (Athens), 2310 471765 (Thessaloniki), or at elt@expresspublishing.gr


Download the sample pages of HappyToons, here!

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