Fun Downloads

Screen Saver

1. Click the "Download Here!" button.

2. In the window that opens click the "Save" button.

3. Select your "destination" for example "desktop".

4. Click "Save".

YAY! Now install.

PC Screen Saver
1280px x 1024px

Find the "fairyland.exe" file found in the destination area you selected earlier, for example "desktop" and double click to start.

In the window that opens click "Run" to start the installation.

In the window that opens, firstly ignore the message regarding the digital signature as it does not apply. Secondly, click "Run" to start the installation.

In the next window that opens, ensure that ALL the options in "Setup Options" are checked.

Then click "Next".

Keap clicking "Next" and then click the "Finish" Button.

The window that follows is the "Display Properties" dialogue box. In here the only real setting that you need to adjust to your liking is the "Wait" which is measured in minutes. This times the delay before the screensaver automatically begins.

YAY! thats it now everytime you leave your PC, on your return you will see the Fairyland Screen Saver playing!