Blockbuster Series News

ELT Innovation Awards :: BLOCKBUSTER at the ELTONS!

Express Publishing is proud to announce that it has been short listed for this year´s ELTON AWARDS.

For those of you who may be wondering what a piano playing singer with large glasses may have to do with the teaching of English; let me explain: absolutely nothing! ELTON is the pet name for the prestigious English Language Teaching Innovation Award presented each year by the British Council.

Nominations are opened annually for products or research that assist the teaching of English in an innovative way. Entries come from a wide variety of sources from individual teachers/researchers to large Universities and Publishing companies. A shortlist is then drawn up and finalists are invited to the awards ceremony in Cambridge.

Express Publishing submitted its new series "Blockbuster" for the consideration of the selection committee and we are pleased to announce that they have placed us on the shortlist for the main award.

"Blockbuster" is a four part series designed to develop communicative language skills. It follows the guidelines set down by the CEFR and thus follows a competence based syllabus. It has already received an enthusiastic reception in the schools that have piloted it and every indication is that we should expect great things from it.

One of the most popular and innovative elements of the series is the DVD-Rom (now available in both British and American English). Taking advantage of technology as a teaching tool, this software allows the learner to explore the English language through an amazing variety of interactive exercises and arcade style games. (For a full list of our multi-media products please check out our catalogue).