Grammarway 2

Grammarway is a series of four grammar books in full colour. Designed for learners of English at beginner to upper-intermediate level, they systematically present, provide practice of and revise English grammar structures. The series can be used to supplement any main coursebook at these levels and is suitable both for self-study and classroom use.

Key Features

  • Clear, simple presentation of grammar structures through functional examples
  • Attractive photographs and illustrations
  • Comprehensive theory boxes
  • A variety of exercises to reinforce the language learned
  • Exercises designed to help the learner use correct and appropriate patters in everyday situations
  • Error corrections exercises
  • Speaking and writing activities at the end of each unit using the structures presented
  • Revision units
  • Picture Flashcards
  • The Teacher's Books provide a full key to the exercises in the Student's Books, notes on how to employ the exercises effectively and photocopiable assessment tests

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