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Within the digital ecosystem of the DigiVerse, precision meets engagement to bring forward a richer, student-centric learning experience.Through three distinct digital tools, the Express DigiVerse addresses diverse educational needs    and caters to in-class, blended, and autonomous learning.  

Homework Integration with Express DigiBooks 

Express DigiBooks is an LMS platform designed for homework integration. Equipped with additional features, the upgraded DigiBooks platform becomes an indispensable tool for teachers, learners, and Directors of Studies.  

By logging into DigiBooks as a Teacher, you are able to… 

  • gamify learning and appeal to all learners through multimodal tasks  
  • encourage self-directed learning and make homework feedback more meaningful 
  • upload notes, create homework, and mass-assign tasks  
  • create and export performance reports with a single click 
  • identify students’ strengths and weaknesses by skill and level based on data 

By logging into DigiBooks as a School Master, you can... 

  • mass-create up to 1000 teacher and student profiles in three steps 
  • organise and monitor the school’s learning process 
  • foster a transparent school culture that encourages communication 

DigiBooks is infused with gamification elements: 

students choose their avatars, join clans and set off on learning missions!

Adaptive Learning with Express DigiPlus 

DigiPlus is our AI-driven adaptive learning platform engineered to provide hyperpersonalised content, tailored to the needs of each learner. This bespoke approach ensures a customised educational journey that resonates with each learner’s individual background, progress pace and cognitive style.  

How does DigiPlus work?  

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, DigiPlus identifies each learner's strengths and areas to work, based on the performance data it gathers. The system's AI-driven algorithms create precisely the right lesson in real-time to address.

DigiPlus language-aware algorithms allow new levels of 

personalised and efficient learning, tailor-made for each one of your students. 

As soon as a student completes their first exercise, the system's AI-driven algorithms start collecting data relevant to their learning background to address specific areas of improvement. Real-time feedback, short teaching sessions, and the meaningful use of students' L1 make DigiPlus a real ally for students of all ages and levels, who benefit from manageable challenges and see steady progress in their skills. 

Learn more about Express DigiPlus and its unique features, here.

Enhanced in-class interactivity with the DigiIWB  

DigiIWB is our interactive whiteboard seamlessly integrated into both physical and virtual classrooms. This versatile tool amplifies the teaching experience, fostering dynamic engagement and collaboration. The software's smart navigation features allow flexibility and ease of use, gamification allows for in-class interaction and flexible feedback features make in-class error correction a constructive, collaborative experience.  

                                                 In this digital ecosystem, learning extends beyond books and boards; it is accessible everywhere,  anytime and focuses on making teaching and learning easier, more compact and targeted. 


Interested in learning more about our digital learning suite?   

Let us help! Contact our dedicated team for tailored solutions and personalised quotes at inquiries@expresspublishing.co.uk 

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