Toss The Cube: Teaching with Story Cubes in the ESL Class!
Receptive Skills: Reading & Listening

Toss The Cube: Teaching with Story Cubes in the ESL Class!

LEVEL/AGE: Flexible

Story Cubes can evolve into meaningful and fun extensions when you are working on readers and literature! Read more and explore ways to incorporate them in your ESL class.


Roll and Name

Have children roll the cubes and name the objects or scenes depicted in English. Encourage them to describe what they see using appropriate vocabulary.
Create Sentences

After rolling the cubes, ask children to form sentences using the words they rolled. This activity helps reinforce vocabulary and sentence structure.

Storytelling and Creativity

Roll and Tell a Story: Each child rolls the cubes and uses the images they rolled to create a story in English. This activity fosters creativity and encourages language use.

Group Storytelling

Have a group of kids take turns rolling the cubes and adding to a collaborative story. This exercise improves speaking skills and promotes teamwork.


Adjectives and Adverbs

Encourage kids to add descriptive words to their stories. For instance, after rolling the cubes, ask them to include adjectives and adverbs in their sentences.

Grammar Focus

Use the cubes to emphasize specific grammar structures or tenses. For instance, ask kids to tell a story in the past tense using the images rolled.


After storytelling, have children draw or illustrate the stories they created using the cubes. This combines language practice with creative expression.

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