5 Must-Visit Websites to Enrich your ELT Class
Educational Technology

5 Must-Visit Websites to Enrich your ELT Class

The digital age has brought forth a treasure trove of teaching resources. We gathered some of the most exciting, must-visit online platforms, and we bring them to you to help you spice up your class! Feel free to use them and complement your STEAM or CLIL lessons while giving a creative Flipped Learning approach.

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Let's dive in: 


This website includes clever, interactive activities for students to explore complex concepts like the ocean, and space, or just have a bit of fun. Keep in mind that not all the games included there are for young children. Be specific about the game you would like to play and don't encourage them to browse through the pages on their own.

Spelling Bee 

Launched by The New York Times, this game is known by everyone. But have you thought of trying it with your students? It's a great way to practice their vocabulary skills! Form groups, organise mini-competitions, and... let the fun begin!

Free Rice 

Challenge your students' vocabulary skills and leave a positive impact on those in need! Every time someone plays, they contribute to the United Nations World Food Programme's efforts to supply food to individuals worldwide. This game presents a diverse range of subjects and levels of difficulty to choose from!

Learning Games for Kids 

From Alphabet to Science and from Literature to Math, this site includes games for all tastes and levels. With plenty of options to choose from, it will be your go-to resource to accompany every teaching unit!


This website helps you create your own activities and resources for your students in an easy and simple way! You can create quizzes, match-ups, word games, flashcards and many more. But besides that, it gives you the opportunity to see what other colleagues have done and how they have used the platform to create their own material. 

These 5 must-visit websites will help you to create dynamic, well-rounded learning experiences for your students. Try them out and let us know your experience!


Click here to learn how to integrate EdTech and digital tools in your lesson! 

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