#English + DigiBooks = 💙
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#English + DigiBooks = 💙

Hashtag English for learners at CEFR Levels A1-B1 is fresh off the press! Combine the series with the DigiBooks and create an immersive learning experience that extends beyond the ESL class. The effective combination of print and digital resources helps teachers gamify tasks, monitor progress, and offer alternative ways to achieve lesson objectives.  

◗ Give control

Through the Express DigiBooks app, students have the chance to work on #Εnglish independently and evolve into empowered learners who have agency over their progress.

Additionally, the DigiBooks allow students to monitor their own learning by giving them insight into their progress. At the same time, the teacher has the flexibility to assign homework even on their mobile, supervise the students’ progress on assignments, and monitor their performance.

Regardless of the device, teachers can check on the attempts made on each module, narrow down the search to specific dates, or even choose to see performance reviews on specific skills.

The ‘HELP’ button directs students towards the correct answer, encouraging them to continue learning independently, whereas the vocabulary sections are accompanied by audio tracks to ensure that everybody is on the right track when it comes to pronunciation.

Learn more about empowering learners in and out of class and pave the path to increased student autonomy!

◗  Immerse

#English features engaging modules, adapted to young learners’ needs and interests: culture sections immerse students into life in different countries, songs and memes allow a more organic reception of the language, whereas projects and embedded videos capitalize on CLIL approaches to make students use the language in authentic contexts.

◗ Facilitate

Embedded grammar, vocabulary, and topic-related videos guide students and further support learning through detailed explanations and engaging visuals.

Flipped Learning approaches are also encouraged, as teachers can instruct learners to watch videos or prepare at home and save the time in class for constructive, collaborative activities that extend involvement and engagement.


◗ Gamify

Gamification and active learning lie at the core of both #English and the DigiBooks. Through the DigiBook platform teachers can identify strengths & reward effort with badges and stars to promote self-directed learning. At the same time, team spirit and noble competition are encouraged, as students win points for their team every time they succeed in the completion of a task.


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