Mission IELTS

Mission IELTS is a motivating coursebook series which helps students maximise their score potential for the IELTS examination.

Its innovative structure intergrates language, skills and exam technique practice and provides a highly focused course platform for students preparing for the IELTS exam. Each thematic unit aims to develop the key language and skills needed for success in one of the IELTS papers and provides thorough exam awareness training and practice for the different tasks in these papers. The series is completed with a General Training course supplement.

Key Features

  • extensive thematic coverage of all major IELTS topic areas
  • innovative unit structure dovetailing language, skills and exam preparation work
  • task-based vocabulary and grammar development sections in every unit
  • extensive coverage of exam tasks in all four IELTS papers
  • exam tip sections and exam awareness and practice sections in every unit
  • regular revision and exam practice units
  • Grammar Reference section
  • complete IELTS practice test
  • application for Mission IELTS 1

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