DigiPlus: Our Adaptive Learning Tool
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DigiPlus: Our Adaptive Learning Tool

Our digital solutions assist learners of all CEFR levels and ages and provide a systematic, data-informed approach to learning. Our latest addition? DigiPlus! If you are interested in getting an Express DigiPlus quote for your school or class, fill out the form, and our educational consultants will be there to help! 

If you prefer to explore DigiPlus's features through a webinar, we invite you to watch our informative sessions on Vimeo. Click the link to access our webinar library and learn more about the advantages of DigiPlus.

What is DigiPlus?


DigiPlus is an AI-powered solution for learners of English. DigiPlus helps students accelerate their learning in the most structured, systematised way. It is the ideal solution for any student who wishes to cover learning gaps, consolidate new language, and improve at speed.

Master English with the help of AI and learn

through tailor-made content that adapts to your needs!

DigiPlus is the ideal digital solution for your school if you:

  • want to help mixed-ability classes through hyper-personalised, targeted tasks and feedback
  • want to foster motivation through tasks that present manageable challenges
  • improve performance at speed 
  • help learners consolidate target language 
  • encourage autonomous learning through an adaptive learning system that spots learners' strengths and areas to work on 

DigiPlus creates tailor-made lessons as unique as each learner’s needs and goals.


With the help of Artificial Intelligence, DigiPlus identifies strengths and areas to work, based on each student’s performance on tasks. Then, it provides learners with tasks and feedback that target the specific skills, grammar structures and theme vocabulary each student needs to improve.

Interested in learning more or getting an Express DigiPlus quote for your school or class?

Fill out the form and our educational consultants will be there to help! 


More specifically...

Let's unwrap a student's learning experience with DigiPlus! First, the learner fills out a task. As soon as they complete the first exercise, the system has already started collecting data relevant to the student's learning background. Using their native tongue as a hint, the student types the answer:

I have a friend which lives in london

As there is a mistake in a core curriculum item (‘which’ instead of ‘who’) and the word London is not capitalised.

After tapping or clicking Check, the student is directed to the feedback page, where errors in core curriculum items (which instead of who and london instead of London) are highlighted. The system instantly provides a short teaching session, during which errors are explained. 

After completing the teaching session, a Repeat Exercise appears and students correct their own mistakes hence an active learning approach is put forward.  

In leveraging L1, Express DigiPlus effectively aids students in reinforcing their English language acquisition, addressing both psycholinguistic and cognitive dimensions.

Time to talk about that Dashboard!

The dashboard features a visual representation of anything a student or their teacher may want to know regarding the learning process: 

  • The time dedicated to learning each week or throughout a set period.
  • The exact language categories the student has practiced, divided into Grammar and Vocabulary Units (e.g., Present Simple - Subject Verb Agreement, Word Order)
  • An overview of the knowledge units covered, displaying the level of proficiency reached.
  • Vocabulary progress is displayed, showing the student's advancement over time and the corresponding level of proficiency.
  • Areas of Difficulty are also included, providing a detailed overview of what the student needs to focus on concerning Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, Pronunciation, and Skills.
  • My Improvement enhances the platform's gamification features, offering tailor-made quizzes that give students a second chance on exercises they got wrong.
  • The student's level, based on their task performance, is displayed at the bottom of the dashboard screen, providing an accurate depiction of their progress and current status.


L1 Integration: do we help by employing the students' native tongue?

The short answer is yes!

The integration of a learner’s native language (L1) in teaching a second language (L2) has gained recognition for its effectiveness and reimagines the role of L1 as a supportive tool in L2 acquisition. Express DigiPlus employs L1 to provide semantic hints and enhance comprehension for students to accelerate and simplify the learning process.

The benefits are plenty: 

  • Utilizing L1 significantly reduces stress and anxiety, as learners are more likely to understand
    the material and feel less intimidated.
  • Learners often continue to think in their L1 while learning an L2. This phenomenon is consistent up to a
    high level of L2 proficiency: as a result, educators can help learners utilise their L1 thinking to enhance L2 usage, as discussed by Veivo et al. (2018) and Wu and Thierry (2012)
  • When teachers use L1 to explain L2 concepts, they provide learners with cognitive shortcuts, allowing them to apply their logical reasoning and inference skills more effectively.

If you are interested in learning more or getting an Express DigiPlus quote for your school or class, fill out the form, and our educational consultants will be there to help! 

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