How-to: Build a Toy Soldier!

LEVEL/AGE: Pre-Primary - Primary

Materials needed:

  • cardboard rolls or sturdy paper tubes
  • scissors
  • markers
  • crayons or paint
  • craft paper
  • tape or glue

Optional: Googly eyes, buttons and other decorative materials

Find The Toy Soldier story book, here!

Begin by reading The Toy Soldier to the children.

Discuss the characters, especially the toy soldier, and emphasise his characteristics and uniform.


Then, provide cardboard rolls as the base for making tin soldiers. Each child gets a roll to create their soldier. Encourage children to use markers, crayons or paint to decorate the rolls, replicating the appearance of the toy soldier described in the story.


Use craft paper to create hats, uniforms and other accessories for the soldiers. 

Making the Soldiers Stand:

Teach children how to cut slits in the bottom of the cardboard rolls to help the soldiers stand up. This involves precise cutting and measurement.


Measurement and Proportions:

Discuss and demonstrate how to measure and cut the craft paper for the soldier’s uniform. Engage kids in measuring and cutting parts according to specific proportions.


Encourage children to discuss the characters they’ve created and prompt them to tell a short story involving their soldier.

Once the soldiers are complete, each child can display and share their soldier creation with the class.



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