A STEAM-Based Lesson Plan

Embark on an enlightening STEAM journey, where Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics converge, creating an inspiring environment for EFL students!

This STEAM-based lesson plan delves into the captivating world of the ARTS, tailored to the A1 level.

Learning Outcomes:

Consolidate topic vocabulary: houses, rooms, shapes, textures

Practice grammatical phenomena: past tenses

Duration: 55 minutes

Supplies list: 4Minds Workbook & Grammar Book A1 Level, modelling clay, craft sticks, crayons (optional)


1. Introduction (5 minutes)

- Greet the students.

- In case this is your first STEAM lesson with your students, begin by briefly introducing the STEAM approach and what it stands for.

- Explain that today’s focus will be Arts, the most creative part of STEAM.

2. Vocabulary Introduction (10 minutes)

- Pronounce each word in the picture and have the students repeat after you to practice pronunciation.

- Divide students into pairs and ask them to observe and discuss what they see in the picture.

3. Arts Appreciation (10 minutes)

- Engage in short discussions about each chair, asking questions like: ‘What do you like about the Egyptian furniture?’, ‘Which chair is made of wood?’

- Ask students to share if they have seen any creative furniture nowadays and describe it. Ask them to look at the furniture provided and discuss the purpose of it and what their opinion is referring to style and purpose.

- Encourage students to express their opinions using expressions like ‘I like/I don't like...’, ‘It's beautiful...’, ‘It's interesting...’, etc.

4. Create Your Own Art Piece (25 minutes)

- Encourage students to think of what kind of furniture they want to create and let them think about what supplies they may need.

- Explain the task: Each student must design one piece of furniture. They should use their imagination and think of the purpose and cause of their creation. Don't forget to circulate among the students, assisting and encouraging them as needed.

- Once the artworks are complete, have each student present their creation to the class. Encourage them to use simple language to describe what they have made, why, and in what type of house they imagine their creation.

5. Wrap-up (5 minutes)

- Gather the students together and have a short recap of what they learned during the lesson.

- Ask students about their favourite furniture and why they like it.

- Praise their efforts and creativity throughout the lesson.

6. Assessment:

Assess students based on their:
- participation in discussions,
- ability to use the introduced vocabulary,
- collaboration during the group activity, and
- creativity in creating their art piece.


Interested in exploring more STEAM activities?
Click here to discover the 4Minds course and the STEAM activities
it includes!

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