DigiIWB: Our interactive whiteboard, upgraded!

DigiIWB: Our interactive whiteboard, upgraded!

Our updated DigiIWB turns interactive whiteboards into an even more invaluable tool for in-class teaching, as it gives you the chance to access the application on smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and other devices, providing a seamless experience.

Why should I set up an Interactive Whiteboard in class?

Research has shown that teaching through interactive whiteboard software has numerous advantages:

  • It accommodates different learning styles
  • It is suitable for both small and large groups of students
  • It helps increase students’ attention span
  • It facilitates the assimilation of new information
  • It dramatically increases real-teaching time
  • It reduces the time teachers need for preparation
  • It eliminates the need for additional equipment (DVD player, CD player, etc.)

All in all, it is a powerful teaching tool that will transform your lesson and your classroom!

Giving Feedback with the new DigiIWB

The upgraded DigiIWB allows you to control the pace of answers and show them to students one by one. Ideal for classroom settings and online lessons, DigiIWB elevates your teaching experience by bringing all the features you need in one platform.

How can you control the way you give feedback through the DigiIWB software?

  • When you click/tap on three options will appear
  • When you click/tap on ALL answers will appear at once
  • When you click/tap on answers will appear one by one
  • When you click/tap on the previous answer will disappear

Smarter Navigation Features 

The DigiIWB's Sticky Bar is our smart navigation feature and it makes everything easier! By tapping on the Sticky Bar, you can move effortlessly to every component of your book series and access the audioscripts, the video activities, the glossary, the note-taking section and the grammar owl! 



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