We value our community and want to stay close to our members! That’s why we are working hard on building a strong bond between our company and our people. From weekly podcasts and newsletters to annual live webinars, we aspire to create pathways that make our community bigger and our connection stronger.



Teacher’s Coffee is our podcast series, which has run to six seasons already! Join us and enjoy the perfect blend of educational news, trends and tips with our special guests from around the world, usually involved in English Language Teaching, but not always.


EDU.VACATION is a series of workshops that focus on 21st-century teaching and learning, organised for the first time in August 2022, in Antiparos, Greece.

Learn more about our EDU.VACATION 2022 workshops here


Communication brings people together, closer to each other. It bridges the gap among countries, individuals and groups through the flow of information, ideas, experiences and memories.  With EP Summit, we wanted to communicate our passion for English Language Teaching, worldwide. 


We participate in and organise seminars, lectures and book fairs all around the world. It is our way to connect with our people and we would be happy to get to know you!

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