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For orders less than 60€ the following shipping charges will apply
Shipping Cost
  • €6.10
  • €6.10

Free shipping on orders over 60€.
If a customer is located in a remote area not served by courier, Express Publishing reserves the right to apply a surcharge of €20.00 to cover additional shipping costs. If the customer refuses to pay this charge, Express Publishing will cancel the order and refund any amount already paid.

NOTE: All orders shipped to countries outside the E.U. may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. As all these charges may differ from country to country and cannot be accurately predicted by Express Publishing, all relevant charges for custom clearance and all other excises are to be borne by the recipient of each shipment upon arrival of an order and in no case may Express Publishing be considered responsible for the payment of such charges. For further information regarding the Custom Clearance policy in each country, you are advised to contact your local Customs Office.

The delivery of our products may be delayed during public holidays and exceptional circumstances.