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Reading for University

Reading for University

Dr Amira H. Traish - Yasser Salem - Eleni Pithis

Reading for University is a course specifically designed for young adults at the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) B1-B2+ levels. It is written by expert teachers with long experience in the Middle East and aims to prepare learners from the region for study at the pre-tertiary and tertiary levels. It follows an innovative approach that enables learners to acquire effective reading skills.

The course offers:

  • Engaging passages culturally relevant to learners in the Middle East
  • Core vocabulary drawn from the Academic Word List (AWL)
  • Vocabulary building skills
  • A variety of text genres
  • Integrated grammar focus that supports comprehension
  • Higher level reading skills
  • Continuous assessment
  • Answer key
Reading for University
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Reading for University