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Corporate Social Responsibility

Express Publishing has been involved in language education for over 30 years.

We believe in a better world with equal opportunities for all, and we have been making this a reality through our dedication to English language education globally.

Our intention is not only to provide educational material which will help students broaden their horizons and have more opportunities, but also to support schools and communities and help sustain a viable and healthy environment for future generations.

We believe it is important to benefit and strengthen the community and environment as a whole, and we are committed to continuing our efforts.

Some examples of what we have done so far are as follows:

Improving the Environment

We recognise the vital importance of our environment and we are deeply committed to protecting it. Therefore, with every purchase you make from Express Publishing you help plant a tree. We have partnered up with several charities that are dedicated to giving back to the environment, helping reforestation and reducing our carbon footprint.


Supporting Animal Protection

We love animals! Therefore, we donate to the KAZ shelter for stray animals. This is a non-profit organisation that rescues dogs in Italy and Greece.

Humanitarian Efforts

One of the ways in which we contribute includes book donations. So far, we have donated to several charities such as ‘SOS Children’s Village’ and the ‘Smile of a Child’, as well as donations to schools in Uganda and Gambia.

In addition, we also provide material to students who face financial difficulties or have been granted scholarships to English Language schools.

We also make regular donations as part of the company’s ethos of supporting well-respected children’s charities.

Over the past two years, we have cooperated with ‘Make a Wish’, donating part of our sales from readers. We also released Ideas Central, a book with 30 game-based activities sent in by teachers from all over the world, to celebrate our 30th birthday. All money raised from sales of ‘Ideas Central’ was donated to ‘Make a Wish’.

Meanwhile, we have been in contact with Action Aid and the Special Olympics to support their causes in the year.