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About Us


Express Publishing was established in 1988 with the purpose of raising the standards of English language teaching. Ever since, we have produced a wide variety of innovative teaching materials, including course books, grammar books, exam materials, supplementary readers and the Express Digibooks platform, one of the first LMS platforms in the ELT market to be gamified. With a variety of books supported by digital products (iebooks, IWB software and cross-platform digital applications), we have been meeting the needs of students and teachers alike for all these years. Since 1988, the birth of today’s globally operating company, we have released more than 3500 titles of educational material, sold in over 100 countries. Our partnerships with publishers and distributors across the globe have made us one of the leading ELT publishers in the world and associated our name with innovative strength, as well as social commitment.



Through constant innovation and implementation of new technologies and approaches, Express Publishing creates high-quality ELT printed and digital products. Extensive research and preparation is undertaken for each product and the format is specially designed for logical step-by-step instruction. Practice in all areas of language is included using a unique approach that combines the benefits of blended learning (a combination of traditional approaches in Education supported by useful digital materials that support any online teaching and learning needs). Our publications respect cultural sensitivities and aim to raise the intellectual abilities of students. The educational material is systematically tested in our piloting schools so that refinements can be made before the material is launched on the market. Authentic, up-to-date topics engage learners in English language learning, and critical thinking tasks increase the problem-solving skills of learners.





Our vast experience with various educational systems around the world has proven to be our comparative advantage. This is evident from our numerous collaborations with ministries of education around the globe.


The key features are:

  • Flexible material appropriate for large classes (over 40 students per class)

  • Multiple Pathways to Learning (Differentiated Instruction). Following the principle that every brain is wired differently, Express Publishing materials are designed to present target information with the individual learning styles of learners (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and multiple intelligences in mind.

  • Creativity and Innovation. Working either individually or in groups, learners are asked to create projects, make presentations, do craftwork, as well as a variety of other innovative and creative activities in order to develop social skills and build confidence.

  • Visual Learning. For the primary levels, all core vocabulary is visually illustrated and dialogues, songs, and stories are fully animated. For the secondary levels, authentic documentary-style videos are provided to engage learners and reinforce language structures.

  • Communication and Collaboration. Learners work in pairs or groups and learn to collaborate with others and respect the opinions of their peers.

  • Teaching Universal Values. Express Publishing materials place a strong emphasis on teaching learners universal values, to respect others and themselves, as well as instilling a sense of honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

  • Cross-cultural education. Comparing and contrasting other cultures promotes learners’ cultural individuality

  • Cross-curricular Instruction. Students develop their English language skills by exploring other subject areas – such as history, science, and geography.

  • Teachers’ Support. Express Publishing offers plenty of resources for teachers in a variety of forms: Teacher’s Books providing step-by-step lesson plan guidance, Picture Flashcards, Posters, Story Cards, Teacher’s Resource CD-ROMs, and Interactive Whiteboard Software.



Course books

Our high-quality course books are based on a unique combination of a competency-based syllabus, which incorporates cross-cultural and cross-curricular elements, and a focus on in-depth grammatical structures and integrated skills, which promote the confidence and independence of learners. Printed course books are supplemented with a range of audio-visual components: CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, DVD-ROMs, offline interactive software programs, the unique, worldwide registered i-eBook™ and cross-platform digital applications.


Digital solutions

Express Digibooks platform: Our platform is an innovative and motivational way to educate learners of all ages. It helps organise schools and it creates a friendly digital environment to enhance cooperation among students, teachers and parents/guardians. It is designed for use at home, in the language lab or on the move, and it is ideal for distance learning, online lessons and also blended learning.  It is packed with intuitive interaction and rich multimedia content, offering gamified activities that engage students and urge them to do homework in a fun and friendly way. It can also be downloaded for offline use and student progress may be synced whenever an internet connection is available. One of its useful new features worth mentioning is the fact that there is connectivity with the most popular online streaming platforms, making online lessons easier and more accessible without having to log in to different platforms.


  • Engage and motivate your students
  • Save time
  • Help students keep up to date with their progress, homework and responsibilities
  • Communicate online with your students and colleagues
  • Access and track your students’ progress with just a click


Interactive Whiteboard Software: Our all-in-one IWB Software has everything that educators need to run a 21st Century classroom. All coursebooks are supported by IWB software, including a combination of all four skills activities, animations, audios, videos, games and class management tools that unlock the potential of Interactive Whiteboards. With the Express Publishing innovative IWB software, the job of a teacher is made easier, while bringing a dynamic element to lessons that students will love, whether the class takes place online, in-person or as a blend of the two.


  • Presentation of new lessons in an engaging way on the whiteboard or on the computer (for online lessons)
  • Board Games, Quizzes, Vocabulary & Grammar Games at the end of each module
  • Videos, animations and audios
  • A free digital reader is offered as a bonus for each level


Interactive e-book (ieBook) free for every student. ieBooks mirror the contents of the printed book and are the perfect companion to language learning as they provide students with all the material they need for stress-free homework.


  • Access to all audios and videos and animations of the course
  • Vocabulary Games, Grammar Games and Quizzes at the end of each module
  • Interactive activities for all four skills
  • A free digital reader is offered as a bonus for each level


Cross-Platform Applications

These applications combine the educational nature of the material with the benefits of modern technology to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of learners. The combination of striking graphics, interactive games and animated stories, authentic videos and songs, enhances the learning process for all learners (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). The digital application runs offline on computers, laptops, tablets or mobile devices.


The built-in authentic documentary-style videos (15-30 minutes) are thematically related to the content of each title and expose learners to real-world language use. This prepares them for life outside the classroom. Learners are not required to have Internet access to watch them as they are fully embedded in the application, not as a link to be activated.


The offline cross-platform application is designed to log the learner’s progress which is sent to the teacher via email. The built-in interactive word bank contains audiovisual presentation and explanation of all new lexis.



CLIL Readers

Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) is an innovative and effective way for ELT learners to enhance their English skills by presenting them with engaging topics that stimulate their interest. These topics correspond to other school subject areas, such as history, science, and geography. This cross-curricular approach creates a connection between English and other subject areas. Express Publishing offers two CLIL readers series: the Explore Our World series for young learners and the Discover Our Amazing World series for secondary level students.


English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Express Publishing’s Career Paths series are designed for professionals or students in vocational schools and colleges to help them develop the language skills they need to succeed in a professional work environment. All 70 Career Paths titles are accompanied by a cross-platform application which provides the opportunity to use the materials of the book in electronic form. Students have access to all the activities with automatic correction, progress check and additional documentary-style videos connected with some units of the books.


Style Manual

The document on the link below is the official Express Publishing style manual.
It is intended to provide insight about who we are, what our vision is and the strategy we follow. In addition, the style manual illustrates our trademarked logos. The guidelines provided should be followed by every affiliate/associate in order to ensure consistency of the brand image. Since our brand is one of our most valuable assets we require the correct usage of our logo in any online or printed material so as to be professional and easily recognisable.

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