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Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley




Forum 3 is a modular secondary-level course for learners of English at upper intermediate level (CEF level B2.2). The course combines active English learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed modules and prepares students for the Cambridge ESOL FCE examination as well as other exams at this level. Key Features systematic development of all four skills through realistic tasks which encourage the learners´ personal engagement lexical exercises practising and activating all essential vocabulary including collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs, fixed phrases, prepositional phrases and word formation, as well as Appendices of phrasal verbs and prepositional phrases a variety of reading texts from authentic contemporary sources, with exercises which encourage learners to read extensively as well as intensively Progress Check sections at the end of each module grammar sections covering all major grammatical areas plus Grammar Reference section Further Practice section on lexical items and key-word transformations Culture, Curricular and Green Issues sections


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