Shakespeare Quotes: an ESL Matching Activity
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Shakespeare Quotes: an ESL Matching Activity

ESL students -and not only- can learn a lot by studying Shakespeare. This activity may spark their interest to delve deeper into the works of the English playwright.

Why teach Shakespeare’s works in class?

– Improve students’ language skills. The complexity of Shakespeare’s writing exposes learners to advanced vocabulary and grammar.

– Help students gain a deeper understanding of English culture, history, and values. Shakespeare’s plays have not only shaped English culture but also have had a significant impact on literature, art, and popular culture worldwide.

– Develop learners’ critical thinking skills and empathy. Analysing Shakespeare’s plays helps students develop a greater sense of empathy and understanding of literary techniques.

Shakespeare’s quotes.. turned into activity!

Print the activity here and ask your students to match the halves. They can do it in pairs or on their own.

Optional: Discuss with them if they agree with the statements and if they have a favourite one.

Answers: 1-f, 2-e, 3-a, 4-n, 5-g, 6-j, 7-b, 8-c, 9-m, 10-d, 11-h, 12-k, 13-i, 14-l

Have you seen our readers? Find all Shakespeare’s plays and not only, and familiarise your students with literature and poetry based on their level! Before using the readers in class don't forget to read our how-to guide!

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