A #English Treasure Hunt!
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A #English Treasure Hunt!

The new school year is almost here! Students, teachers, and parents are getting ready for school, equipped with the necessary supplies: new books and notebooks, stationery and schoolbags. Here is a treasure hunt to get you started!

Make a fresh start this September!

Are you ready to replace the books you have been teaching for the past years and offer your students something new to look forward to?

We’ve got your back!

Hashtag English, our new three-level course for learners at CEFR Levels A1-A2+, allows teachers who wish to make use of Blended or Flipped learning frameworks to enhance student autonomy and boost the development of real-life skills. The engaging and fun content keeps students motivated and makes them confident users of the English language.

Teachers and learners follow the adventures of four young characters, the #CodeCrackers, that are in search of Mr Watt, their archaeology teacher, who has suddenly gone missing.

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A #English Treasure Hunt Game

Inspired by the adventurous story of the book, we propose a treasure hunt game to start off this year by playing and learning!

During the treasure hunt, students can search for clues inside the classroom and in their #English 1 book, which will finally lead them to Doctor Watt! The game may last approximately 40-45 minutes and it aims to familiarise students with the book in an entertaining and amusing way.

There are 10 clues in total, which involve brain teasers, math calculations, general questions, or a combination of the above! What is more, the clues are given in a wh-question format using simple vocabulary, so as to be appropriate for learners at A1-A2+ levels.

Keywords: Treasure hunt, mystery, clue, solve, missing, riddle, mission.

The words above would be useful to be discussed with the students before the game begins, to be sure that the game will run smoothly.

Assign the class into two groups and let the fun begin!

To play the game you have to:

1. Get the #English book or print the sample pages that are provided for free!

2. Download the worksheet and the clues.
It includes the story behind the treasure hunt and the clues. Print it and hand out one to each team. Cut the additional clues according to the instructions, and place them around the class:

– clue number 3 should be placed under a chair and

– clue number 4 should be placed under the teacher’s desk.

3. Download the key.

Moreover, to increase students’ motivation you can also provide a prize for the team who wins the game. It doesn’t have to be something special – even stickers would do!

Finally, do not forget to ask reflection questions, once the treasure hunt is over, such as: ‘Was it fun?’, ‘Was it hard?’, ‘Did you collaborate well with each other?’, ‘Was every team member helpful?’ etc.

Reinforcing teamwork, building a problem-solving mindset and developing critical thinking are only some of the benefits that treasure hunts have on children!

Try it out and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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