Pathways To Literature

Pathways to Literature is an innovative course that aims to develop the English language through the medium of literature, ideal for B2+/C1 CEFR level students at specialised secondary schools, colleges and universities. Literature is presented through reading, listening and visualisation using captivating videos. The course encourages critical thinking and teaches social and moral values while preserving the cultural heritage of English-speaking countries.

  • The English language is taught through the single theme of the study of the canonical works of English Literature written in different time periods.
  • The special emphasis put on recognition and analysis of various literary devices helps learners appreciate the emotional power, beauty and breadth of the English language.
  • Extensive analysis of the title, characters, themes, setting, values, motifs, symbols, metre, rhythm, summary skills and essay writing provide a helpline to achieve mastery in the English language.
  • The listening tasks come in the form of university-style tutorials and lectures, giving students a taste of this style of teaching.

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