What is a presentation?

Presentations describe, narrate, persuade or communicate ideas. Presentation skills are necessary for personal and professional development.

Why we give presentations?

We give presentations to:
  • describe a product, an invention, a place, people
  • narrate an experience, a story, a myth, a fable, an event
  • persuade by presenting arguments for & against an issue, expressing our opinion on an issue, stating a problem & suggesting solutions, political discussions, campaigns etc.
  • communicate in panels, debates, conferences etc.

How to structure a presentation?

A presentation consists of a(n):
  • Introduction, in which we greet the audience, present ourselves and the topic.
  • Main body, in which we present the main points.
  • Conclusion, in which we summarise the main points, invite questions from the audience and thank the audience for listening to us. We can sometimes get feedback from the audience.