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The Happy Hearts Series captures the children’s interest and leads them into a world of fun and learning!

Key Features:

  • Appealing, well-designed, child-centred materials to engage children´s imagination and stimulate learning
  • Kenny the cat puppet to interact with and instruct children
  • "Kenny´s basket" poster, an interactive poster to introduce the new language
  • Colourful Picture Flashcards to present and review the focus language
  • Posters to introduce the characters and explore cross-curricular themes
  • Songs and chants based on traditional tunes to encourage active participation through TPR and other circle-time activities
  • Tear-out activity worksheets to develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills
  • Story Cards to present the stories in a class setting
  • Stickers to promote a hands-on approach to language learning
  • Character press outs to consolidate the new language and perform the songs
  • Easy-to-follow Teacher’s Book with additional activities to cater for flexibility re garding lesson length and teaching hours
  • Showtime & Across the curriculum: optional lessons in the Teacher´s Book to help he children explore and understand the world around them
  • Activity Books (in Happy Hearts 1 & 2) for use in the classroom or at home to reinforce the language of each unit
  • Fully dramatised CDs & animated DVDs

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The Happy Rhymes is a three-level series for children at early primary/primary level. It contains popular traditional nursery rhymes.

Each rhyme is preceded by a story that sets the scene and presents the core language of the rhyme.

As a result, children will be able not only to sing traditional nursery rhymes, but also to relate the humorous stories contained within each one.