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Selecting a "Category" - Physical Search

Physical Search

Physical Search using the "Choose a Category..." search box Demonstration Video

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Physical Search using the "Choose a Category..." search box Walk Through

Here we will be entering the second sub category of the "Catalogue" main category. In this section we will be filtering out more of the unwanted areas and getting us closer to the Blockbuster 1 Students book we are looking for.

As with the "Select your Country..." box, although you enter the category details after you have selected your country. In this example it is Greece (As shown above).

Your screen should look like this below with the word "Greece" next to the word "Catalogue".


       Ensure that you have selected your country prior to this search or you will be

       viewing the international range of products and not those designed

       specifically for your country.

You will need to first click the downward pointing arrow of the "Choose a category" box.

A list of categories will appear, and then scrolling down find "Secondary Courses" and click on the phrase, making the drop down box disappear.

This selection is then reflected by the new line of text to the right of the screen stating "Secondary Courses".